Welcome to the new Scovarnogion blog

Much of this blog will be offering commentary upon current production styles of dance performance, especially the figurative forms, i.e. those that were intended to present a spectacle and to be expressive, rather than just enjoyed. Thus Appalachian or English folk dances won’t appear here, but flamenco, ballet and kathak (and some other South Asian forms), and the whole spectrum from ballet through modern to lyrical, etc. will.

Much will be about lighting, a specialist form of the dramatic arts akin to theatrical lighting but with increased emphasis on revealing 3D form and texture and usually to light the performers and not the scene. The increased use of directional light, colour and the creation of dark space are key elements.

Looking forward, the use of projection and motion tracking is increasing, creating immersive performance spaces within which dancers move and interact with the visual effects.

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